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Enginnering As A Profession

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Today the world is fetching electronic and digitalization every day that in turn creates lots of requirement for engineering workforce. Many students choose engineering as their career option because they’re good at math and science and get encouragement and support to enter the field from their parents, teachers, career counsellors, friends etc.  And that seems to be a quite reasonable reason too. But that is the basic requirement to get admission for an engineering degree and one has to polish his/ her other professional skills by the time he or she completes the degree as engineering is a varied profession that requires a lot from those who opt for it. There are best engineering colleges in Indore that caters to the growing need of technical education and skill sets required to have a successful career. In order to be successful in the technical field of engineering, one has to be a critical and logical thinker and should also posses’ great problem solving attitude. In any case to be successful in any field one has to work hard and inculcate all the requisites like knowledge, hands on experience, soft skills and most importantly communication. Students see engineering degree as a gateway to success. There are many ways to evaluate success, but for the purpose of this symposium let’s cover up 3 key factors: financial gain, authority, and contentment. When we consider these three points as factors of success we as engineers in making, try to push ourselves in the right direction to achieve desired goals.
Generally people think of success in terms of financial gain or pay package of an individual. In order to reach to the higher levels in the engineering field, one has to outperform his work and shine among all others which is possible with knowledge, dedication and soft skill. Running after money will not fetch money. Money, fame, prestige comes to those who focus on excelling in every aspect of engineering at all the levels. One of the biggest mistakes that engineers can make in their early career is to think that they only need to focus on getting better in their engineering skills. Being a good also means good in critical thinking, negotiation skills, communication skills, being good at business, and much more. Having just high technical skills does not guarantee success. Though engineers are naturally curious and that makes them learn out of textbook. Willingness to do critical thinking comes naturally among technical professionals.
From always engineers are confident about their capability to meet global challenges over the years and expect continue to do so by working in progressively more interdisciplinary teams of professionals.
Engineers are regularly hired by companies on the basis of their specialization field during their graduation, as this area of profession requires highly specialized technical skills. Technical professional today also undergo further studies like M.Tech, MBA etc to enhance their eligibility and employability. Undoubtedly engineering has a significant role in the developing country and as a profession it is the best choice one can make.

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